Golden Yunnan
This tea stands tall next other Dian Hongs (Yunnan Black Tea) for the price.  Chocolate powder, sweet potato and butterscotch hit your palate in that order.  We are in love with the Cocoa and you should be too.
Origin: Dazhai, Yixiang, Pu'er Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China
Brewing Suggestions: This tea can be thoroughly enjoyed in a western style teapot or in a gongfu style.
We recommend using spring or filtered water.  Heat to 195F/90C. Use 2.5g / 2 tsp of tea for 12 oz of water. Steep 4-6 minutes.
 For gongfu style, we recommend using a porcelain gaiwan, or a semi porous clay pot.  Heat water to 195F.  Fill your vessel up from a third to half way (1g of tea per 1 oz).  Steep first for 15 seconds, adding 5-10 seconds on following steeps.